3 out of the box secrets for finding your next job

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

These days it takes more than a decent resume to get your foot in the door

Job searching has changed immensely over the last decade or two. With so many different components to finding a new job, not to mention all the competition out there vying for employment, being creative has become a necessity. (#jobseeker, #jobseekers)

“Being creative has become a necessity.”

Here are 3 unique tips you should consider for your job search that will really show off your creativity: (#jobtips)

1) Create an intro. video of yourself presenting your "30 second elevator speech." Be sure add the link to your resume and share with those you are networking with. (#jobhack, #resumetip) It allows potential employers a quick glimpse of you and may be the extra edge you need to pass a paper screening. (#paperscreen)

2) Personalized presentations are a great job search tool to create and send to companies What are they? Simply put, they are a video of you presenting why you would be an asset to their company, and why they should hire you. Some people have been able to convince companies to create positions for them using this technique. (#youbeyou, #Iamawesome)