5 tips for overcoming job loss

Unexpected job loss comes loaded with a plethora of overwhelming feelings, including anxiety, depression, disbelief & betrayal. But there are ways to cope with these emotions while still moving forward

When my husband came home and shared with me that he had been laid off, a huge blanket of déjà vu cloaked over our family. It had been three years of loved ones and close friends being let go or laid off from their jobs for one reason or another, and the one constant was that all had been loyal employees, some for decades. I remember thinking to myself,

He was in his 50s and he was out of work. He hadn't looked for a job in two decades. What was he going to do?

"Oh my God, this can't be happening," as I slumped to the ground in shock and disbelief. But for better or worse, it was. My husband, Dave, had been blindsided by this news, and I knew firsthand what that was like. To add insult to injury, from my point of view, he had to stay on to help a bit, as he was not alone, most of his department who reported to him was also being let go. It was a surreal nightmare for weeks. What made things harder to accept is that he was a dedicated employee of just shy of 18 years. He never planned to leave the company, he planned to continue working there until he either retired or died at his desk. He was in his 50s and he was out of work. He hadn't looked for a job in two decades. What was he going to do? (#jobless, #unemployed, #unemployment)

How to Cope with Job Searching for the First Time in Decades

Luckily, Dave is married to me, someone who had been blindsided years before and worked through much of this grief on her own. Plus, with the several friends we helped counsel over the years, we had a grip on what needed to be done. However, as he was reeling from the responsibilities he needed to wrap up and the emotions that were washing over him, it was hard to stay focused. That's where I came in.

You can move forward, and deal with the grief of job loss, at the same time. Here's how:

1) Get organized and get prepared-It's important to get out your notebooks and start organizing your day. Sticking with a daily schedule helps the psyche and helps keep you focused.

2) Dust off that ancient resume-If you haven't searched for job in decades, you will probably be surprised at how different resumes look these days. Be sure to list your job skill sets first, before launching into a timeline of job experience.

3) Network-Now is not the time to hole up in your home for weeks, you need to reach out and fast! Contact your people! And be sure you start with your movers and shakers first! The sooner you let people know, the sooner they can start sending leads your way.

4) Get Social-Even if you are anti-Social Media, now is the time to use if for good, not evil! Sign-up for LinkedIn and Facebook, at minimum, and begin connecting. Be sure to keep all comments positive--NO RANTS on how you lost your job. Nobody wants to read that--but they will respond to your positivity.

5) List It-Be sure to keep several lists, especially of your accomplishments and accolades. What do you do best? What are you good at? Write it down.

Just starting off with these tips will make a huge difference your getting you back on track with your job search efforts. (#blindsided #jobseekers #jobs #cando #yougotthis #thinkpositive)

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