Being your own boss is always an option

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

When your boss lets you go, consider letting go of having a boss


When Chris L. lost his job, his initial focus was on getting back in the game purely to show the people who "wronged him" by letting him go, that they would not win. 

"I realized it would not be the easiest landing and started to look for things outside my industry and wanted to look at any opportunity.

He shares, "I came from a small, fairly incestuous industry and found it difficult to break back in, as there were people who I had to part ways with in the past that were now at competitors." He continues, suddenly "I realized it would not be the easiest landing and started to look for things outside my industry and wanted to look at any opportunity." (#opportunity, #thinkpositive)

So what to do when you're in your 40s and can't even remember working in any other industry? (#ageism, #pigeonholed)

In Chris L.'s case he started thinking about getting help, and he certainly wasn't ruling out hope for a devine intervention.

"There is a saying that God works in mysterious ways and I wanted to open to His call or at least what I perceive to be His call," explains Chris L.  "I had been peppered with email by franchise brokers." So he decided to talk to one who pitched some concepts. But Chris L. said something didn't feel quite right with that broker.  (#openmind)

He didn't give up. Instead he went to a presentation by another broker given at his outplacement assistance center, Lee Hecht Harrison. Chris L. confides "I could tell this broker had her act together.  She didn't promise big dreams she just said you don't need to invest a million dollars to get a good business set up." That set well with Chris L. so he began consulting with the broker after their initial meeting.  (#franchise)

"Going through this I realized that I had been wanting to do this for a few years, (not be out of work), but make an investment for some #passiveincome." He adds, "We settled on a personal services business because you can't be put out of business by Amazon or China with that type of business." 

Chris L. and his wife are now days away from debuting their new business. Chris L. has also accepted a new full-time position at a new organization. But now being a business owner, he believes he has more choices. He's calling the shots on his future, and he's quite okay with that.

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