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Overcoming the scariness of starting a business & taking the plunge

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Starting a small business is not easy and there are many unknowns, but you can ease the apprehension with a little support

Matt Sharpe, the owner of Sharpe Design Pools, didn't know what to expect when he decided to create his own safety net of job security. He was working for a company that suddenly found themselves failing at a rapid rate, after 60 years of business. Matt knew it was time to get a side hustle going, and fast! (#blindsided #layoffs)

Luckily, Matt had many years of pool building experience from his years before entering corporate America. So he and his wife, Megan, decided to go for it. (#betheboss, #smallbusinessowner)

You don’t 'know' if it will succeed and there is a ton of pressure on you to make it happen.

"Owning my own business was scary at first. You don’t 'know' if it will succeed and there is a ton of pressure on you to make it happen," shares Matt. "My wife was the biggest support and I couldn’t do it without her. My new career path aligns more with my life goals than corporate America did. Freedom to spend more time with family (kinda ha,ha), set my own schedule, and of course financially it has been an improvement. It also opens up other business opportunities." (#support, #supportsystem)

So knowing that they were jumping into this adventure together, helped Matt with the support he needed, which built his confidence, as well.

"The goal of my business was a 'side business,' but also a safety net to fall back on." Matt says that if you are going to build a business, there are some things you should consider, as he has learned first hand that safety nets are critical. "If you have a skill or special training use that to your advantage. If you don’t have a safety net or side business I think it’s helpful to at least have an eye out for job opportunities and understand industry trends. I saw the warning signs in (my former) industry and it forced me to create that backup plan."He shared that by being proactive, it spared him from the typical "lay off situations" where he would have been put out and just have to believe everything will be okay. (#specialskills, #specialtraining, #safetynet, #sidebusiness)

My wife was the biggest support and I couldn’t do it without her.

Now his side business has become a quickly growing full-time business and he and his wife could not be happier, nor prouder! (#businesssuccess, #success)

Matt exclaims, "We are very excited to see what other great adventures await us. Now that I own a business I am continually thinking of ways to diversify and disrupt the construction and pool industry." (#cando #yougotthis #thinkpositive)


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