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Time for a change

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

One of the bright sides of being blindsided by job loss is the big kick in the backside to consider making a huge life change

Sometimes when people are backed up against a corner, they often come up with some creative solutions on how to pay the bills.

“Due to a side hustle they were able to continue moving onward, without much of a hiccup to the ole pocketbook. ”

Exploring one's talents and developing side hustles (aka: small businesses) are a great way to earn extra income even when you're employed full time. (#sidehustle, #smallbusiness) I've known many people who have had situations where they lost their jobs unexpectedly, but due to a side hustle they were able to continue moving onward, without much of a hiccup to the ole pocketbook.

Matt Sharpe, of Sharpe Pools, has his full-time business now as a result of being laid off. Matt worked for a pool company for many years, and on the side, he helped consult others who were pestering him for guidance and advice on how to build their own pools for more reasonable prices. When Matt unexpectedly lost his job with the pool builder, he already had a list of clientele that he was able to tap into and grow his business into the full-time full fledged pool business it's become in Northern California.

Becoming your own boss

When Chris lost his position he wasn't a quite sure which way to turn, but one thing was for sure he was never going to let job loss affect his way of supporting his family ever again. He and his wife, Dinah, decided to invest in a small business, an eyelash salon in Sacramento, California. This business venture's intent was to serve as additional revenue for the family, while Chris is now working at his new full-time job. Chris and his wife would have never explored this option, had the job loss not occurred. (#betheboss, #incharge)

Firsthand knowledge

I understand the importance of having a side hustle, firsthand. When I encountered my unexpected job loss years ago it helped me to discover some of my passions that I had suppressed for decades. It was during this time I realized my passion for writing was something that I was never going to suppress again. (#writer, #author) As a result this led me to writing and publishing new books, and many articles as a journalist, being featured globally. Writing again help me see that I had a talent that would help people, as it led me to began teaching others on how to write books so they can get their stories out. On thing led to another and suddenly I was coaching people on success and getting back on their feet again. If it wasn't for the loss of that job I would have never tapped into those strengths of mine and be able to help so many others, as a result! (#encouragement, #entrepreneur, #startup, #successcoach, #writer, #author)


If you've recently lost your job, and you are struggling with putting it all together, contact Michele "Mickie" Giacomini today: Allow her to help you put the pieces back together again, today.

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