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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Losing your job can be overwhelming, scary, depressing & anxiety-ridden, but there's hope!

Unexpected job loss can often produce a laundry list of overwhelming feelings, including depression. Obviously, that's probably no surprise, as losing a job can often be extremely upsetting for most.

“Losing a job can often be extremely upsetting for most.”

If you're somebody who is experiencing these kinds of feelings, you are not alone. If you believe you are experiencing depression, It's important to get help. Be sure to talk to a medical professional, like your doctor, or a mental health professional. Also share with your friends or a loved one, to let them know that you're experiencing this and and talk it out with them. Oftentimes that first step in sharing can help those feelings begin to lift. If you need help, contact someone today: (#depression)

Dealing with feelings of despair

Some things that can help stave off some of these feelings of sadness and despair (#sadness, #despair) all center around keeping moving! (#thinkpositive) Understandably being laid off or let go is much like grieving the loss of a loved one. (#jobless) Think about it this way, you are losing something, so it's natural and okay to grieve and be upset. But you need to keep in motion at the same time you are dealing with these feelings. Constantly moving forward is what's going to help you stay positive and progress towards your next career adventure.

So how to do this when you don't even know which way is up?

“(An accomplishment journal) really helps serve as a visual that you are not helpless and you are not hopeless.”

First, be proactive about letting people know that you're feeling this way. 

Second, get up every day make the bed, as soon as your feet hit the floor! This starts the day already accomplishing things.

Third, get in at least 30 or so minutes of doctor-approved exercise. It's good for your body and it's good for your mind. Plus it really helps set the tone for a productive day!

Last, keep an accomplishments journal (#journal) of all the things that you're able to cross off your daily To Do List, plus anything else you complete. Then be sure to review at the end of the day so you can see the progress that you have been able to make throughout the day. It's a great mood lifter, and really helps serve as a visual that you are not helpless and you are not hopeless.

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If you've recently lost your job, and you are struggling with putting it all together, contact Michele "Mickie" Giacomini today: Allow her to help you put the pieces back together again, today.

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